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How It Works

  1. Contribute at least one gift card towards your products valued at $200 or more. (This is the prize for the sweepstakes)
  2. Gift cards from other participating brands with a similar demographic will be combined in one massive sweepstakes giveaway.
  3. All brands will send our co-branded sweepstakes email to their entire customer base driving them to a sweepstakes landing page on
  4. Sweepstakes entry forms are also sent to related influencers in our blogger database
  5. Consumers enter their email addresses, we send them special offers from your company and select a grand prize winner.
  6. After the sweeps, you will receive the full list of entrants and instantly grow your audience.


  1. You must have your own branded shop and website. (Amazon sellers with brand registry are welcome)
  2. You must contribute a gift card of at least a $200 value.
  3. You must have an existing email list and/or social media audience.

How To Participate

Click on the link below and fill out the short questionaire. This service is free for all brands. Apply now!

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(Still have questions? Click here to read our giveaway FAQ)