Sell Your Shopify Products On

Do You Want More Sales For Your Products?

Everyone who enters a giveaway on GoBrandWin is redirected to a flash sale page where they have the opportunity to purchase great products at discounted prices. We’d love to partner with you to promote your product in a flash sale.

How The Flash Sale Works:

  • All contestants who enter a giveaway are redirected to a special flash sale page
  • The flash sale page will feature your heavily discounted product
  • Customers can purchase your product directly on the flash sale page hosted on GoBrandWin
  • Following a purchase, the customer is redirected to your store with a special unique code to complete the transaction
  • You can set a limit on the number products you want to be sold
  • The fee for selling on GoBrandWin is 17.9% + $.30 per transaction


  • Have a hosted store that accepts discount codes.
  • Offer at least a 30% discount on the product.
  • Offer free shipping.
  • Have a product priced under $50.

Flash Sale Submission Form

Flash Sale Product Submission

  • Example Box 1
  • Example box 6
  • Example Box 3
  • Must be at least 30% off regular price and include shipping.
  • A CSV file of coupon codes that the customer will use to redeem your product after they make a purchase on GoBrandWin.

    These codes must cover 100% the cost of the item including shipping. Click Here To Learn How To Generate Bulk Codes In Shopify
  • What is the best thing about this product.
  • Example Box 2
  • Please share a one to two sentence customer review. Example box 4.
  • Please share a one to two sentence customer review. Example box 5